Etsy Launches Wedding Registry and Unveils Wedding Trends

Etsy, the popular online marketplace for unique and handmade goods, is making waves in the wedding industry with the launch of Etsy Registry and the reveal of the hottest wedding trends for 2023. As the demand for personalized and one-of-a-kind gifts continues to grow, Etsy is providing couples with a meaningful and curated wedding registry experience that supports small businesses and promotes the beauty of handmade products.

With Etsy Registry, couples can now create, manage, and share their wedding registries effortlessly. In addition to the wide range of handmade and vintage items available, couples can also register for personalized gifts and specify customizations, making Etsy a comprehensive destination for wedding decor, gifts, and even bridal party items. This new offering reflects the shift away from mass-produced gifts and towards more thoughtful and unique options.

Alongside the launch of Etsy Registry, the marketplace has also unveiled the top wedding trends for 2023. Couples planning their special day are embracing fun and creative twists on tradition, making their weddings truly unforgettable. Here are some of the standout trends:

  • Lovecore: Lovecore is a dreamy aesthetic characterized by heart patterns, roses, and the colors red and pink. This romantic trend is now influencing weddings, with an increase in searches for heart-themed invitations and pink menus. Brides are also incorporating lovecore elements into their looks, with a surge in searches for pink morganite or moissanite engagement rings, hot pink bridal items, and pink or red veils.
  • Oversized Florals: Rosettes and oversized floral appliqués are adding texture and romance to wedding day looks. Searches for floral wedding dresses, 3D flower veils, and 3D flower dresses have seen a significant increase. This trend is particularly popular for outdoor or garden weddings, and the versatile flower choker has become a sought-after accessory beyond the wedding day.

  • Western Weddings: Western-themed weddings, combining coastal cowgirl and Vegas elopement vibes, are gaining popularity for their laid-back and unconventional style. There has been a rise in searches for western wedding dresses, fringe dresses, and western wedding items, showcasing the appeal of this relaxed-yet-playful trend. Cowboy hats have also become a must-have accessory for bachelor and bachelorette parties, with a remarkable increase in searches for disco cowboy and cowgirl hats.
  • Love Story Gifts: Personalized gifts that celebrate the couple’s unique love story are becoming increasingly popular. From custom couple and family portraits to pieces inspired by a specific song, city, or shared favorite recipe, these thoughtful gifts offer a special touch. Etsy has seen a surge in searches for personalized recipe boxes, custom couple portraits, and custom song plaques, reflecting the desire for meaningful and sentimental wedding presents.

  • Rings with Character: Couples are moving away from traditional engagement rings and wedding bands, opting for pieces that reflect their individual personalities and values. Etsy is a treasure trove for unique rings, with searches for handmade engagement rings on the rise. Alternative gemstones, unexpected stone placements, and vintage rings are gaining popularity. Searches for teal sapphire engagement rings, toi moi engagement rings, vintage wedding bands, and east west engagement rings have all seen significant increases.
  • Statement Accessories: Brides are focusing on statement accessories to elevate their wedding day looks. This trend sees brides prioritizing style elements that matter most to them, often embracing a high-low mix. Searches for wedding gloves, white sunglasses, and personalized bridal bags have all shown notable increases. Veils play a significant role, with searches for embroidered veils, custom veils, and cathedral length veils seeing upward trends.

  • Creative Programs: Couples are embracing out-of-the-box wedding programs that go beyond providing itineraries, creating memorable and personalized experiences for their guests. Searches for newspaper wedding programs, wedding program books, and book or magazine programs have all seen notable increases. These elaborate programs set the tone for the wedding festivities, featuring favorite photos, stories, and memories that guests can cherish as keepsakes.

Etsy continues to be a leading platform for couples seeking unique and personalized wedding experiences. With its new registry service and the ongoing support of small businesses, Etsy is redefining the way couples celebrate their special day.

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