LUSINI: New Brands for Gastronomy and Hotel Business

LUSINI has quickly established itself as a leading provider in the hospitality industry, offering a comprehensive range of products for hotels and catering businesses. By bringing together renowned brands such as VEGA, ERWIN M., JOBELINE, and PULSIVA, LUSINI has created a one-stop-shop for all the needs of professionals in the hotel and catering sector.

With a wide selection of products available, LUSINI caters to various areas of the hospitality industry. Whether it’s porcelain, cutlery, glassware, furniture, kitchen equipment, buffet supplies, take-away packaging, workwear, hotel supplies, textiles, menus, boards, table accessories, or decorations, LUSINI has it all. Their diverse product range ensures that professionals in the industry can find everything they need to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests.

One of the standout brands within the LUSINI portfolio is VEGA. With a focus on table settings, bar equipment, and kitchen supplies, VEGA offers appealing and functional designs that meet the demands of the hospitality industry. From elegant flatware to stylish glassware and practical kitchen tools, VEGA provides professionals with the tools they need to create memorable dining experiences.

ERWIN M., another prominent brand under the LUSINI umbrella, specializes in high-quality professional textiles. With over 30 years of experience, ERWIN M. offers a wide range of textiles for the kitchen, bathroom, and table. Their products combine functionality with appealing designs, ensuring that professionals in the hospitality industry have everything they need to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for their guests.

JOBELINE, known for its professional fashion, offers a range of clothing designed specifically for the industry. With a focus on fashionable and functional designs, JOBELINE provides chefs, service staff, and other hospitality professionals with optimal fits and durable garments that enhance team spirit and professionalism.

PULSIVA completes the lineup of brands within LUSINI. PULSIVA offers a wide selection of affordable products without compromising on quality. Their range includes products for restaurateurs, hoteliers, and hobby chefs, providing them with high-quality options at affordable prices.

One of the key advantages of choosing LUSINI as a partner is their commitment to customer satisfaction. LUSINI offers up to a 10-year availability guarantee on their products, ensuring that professionals can rely on the durability and longevity of their purchases. Additionally, LUSINI provides worldwide delivery, making their products accessible to professionals around the globe.

To stay up to date with the latest offers, bargains, and trends, professionals in the industry can subscribe to the LUSINI newsletter. This ensures that they receive timely information about top offers, new product releases, and helpful tips to enhance their operations.

With a strong commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service, LUSINI has become a trusted partner for professionals in the gastronomy and hotel business. Their extensive product range, featuring renowned brands, ensures that professionals can find everything they need to create exceptional experiences for their guests. Whether it’s table settings, kitchen supplies, workwear, or hotel amenities, LUSINI is the go-to destination for the hospitality industry’s needs.

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