Table Tennis Essentials: Find Your Perfect Racket and More at TT-Shop is the go-to online store for all table tennis enthusiasts, whether just starting or seasoned pros. With an extensive selection of table tennis equipment, from bats and rubbers to clothing and accessories, this store caters to all levels of players. The goal is to provide top-notch products and expert advice to help elevate your game and ensure every purchase is a rewarding experience.

The Perfect Bat Configurator

One of the standout features of is the innovative bat configurator. This tool allows for the creation of a personalized table tennis racket tailored to specific playing styles and preferences. Begin by selecting a blade, the core of any racket. Each blade comes with detailed specifications, including speed, control, weight, and price, to ensure the right choice for your playing style. Next, choose rubbers that complement the blade and enhance your game. The configurator simplifies this process, making it easy to create a custom racket that maximizes performance.

Club Players’ Paradise understands the unique needs of club players. This category is designed to meet all the equipment requirements, from fully assembled table tennis bats to individual rubbers and blades. The online store provides comprehensive data on velocity, control, weight, and spin for all products, helping make informed decisions. Additionally, the bat configurator offers the flexibility to create a custom racket that fits personal playing styles perfectly. The extensive selection ensures that every club player can find the ideal equipment to enhance their performance.

Extensive Range of Club Equipment is not just for individual players but also caters to the needs of clubs. The store offers a variety of tables, nets, and counting devices essential for club operations. Specialized items such as training balls, score sheets, and printed samples of jerseys are available to support club activities. The store’s commitment to supporting clubs is evident in the special conditions and sales offers, making it easier for clubs to access the best equipment without breaking the bank. is dedicated to enhancing the club experience by providing high-quality equipment and excellent customer service.

Recreational and Hobby Players Welcome

Recreational and hobby players are also well catered for at The store offers professional guidance and advice to help select the right equipment, particularly for those new to the sport. The category for hobby and recreation features a range of bats, tables, nets, balls, and accessories designed for casual play. The store’s bestseller professional table tennis bat is highly recommended for those looking to get a feel of what club players use. aims to make table tennis accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Comprehensive Product Range

The product range at is extensive and includes everything needed for table tennis. From classical and modern rubbers with integrated speed-gluing effects to various blades made from all-wood or synthetic materials like carbon, the selection is vast. Pre-assembled professional rackets are available for immediate use, suitable for all levels of players. Additionally, the store offers a wide range of prefab rackets, popular among hobby and recreational players.

Essential Table Tennis Accessories

To complement the primary equipment, also provides a variety of accessories. Table tennis bags and paddle cases are available for safe and easy transportation of equipment. Cleaning sets help maintain the condition of paddles, while glues, adhesives, rubber rollers, edge tapes, and scissors are essential for those who prefer to mount their rubbers. These accessories ensure that every player has everything needed to keep their equipment in top shape and ready for play.

The Best Balls for Your Game

A significant part of table tennis is the quality of the balls used. offers a large selection of table tennis balls, from training balls to competition-grade balls approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). With the recent shift to plastic balls, the store ensures that players have access to the latest and best-quality balls for their games. Whether for training or official competitions, the right ball can make a significant difference in play.

Tables and Robots for Every Need

The selection of ping pong tables at caters to various needs, from indoor and outdoor tables to those made of stone or concrete. For official competitions, ITTF-certified tables are available, ensuring adherence to international standards. Additionally, table tennis robots are highly recommended for training sessions, with models like the Tibhar Robo Pro Junior and the high-end Donic Robo Pong 3050XL offering excellent functionality and performance.

Elevate Your Game with is dedicated to helping players improve their game with the right equipment. The store’s extensive range of products ensures that every player, from beginners to pros, can find what they need.

With a focus on quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, is the ultimate destination for all table tennis needs.

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