Travis Perkins Introduces New Services for Customer Satisfaction

Travis Perkins, a renowned name in the construction industry, has established itself as a leading supplier of building materials and related services in the United Kingdom. With a rich history spanning over two centuries, the company has continuously evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of the construction sector. This article delves into the success story of Travis Perkins, exploring its growth, key initiatives, and its impact on the industry.

Travis Perkins traces its roots back to 1797 when the company was founded as a small timber merchant in Northamptonshire, England. Over time, it expanded its operations, acquiring various businesses and consolidating its position in the market. In 1988, Travis Perkins went public, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Underpinning its success, Travis Perkins strategically diversified its product portfolio to become a comprehensive supplier of building materials. It expanded into areas such as plumbing and heating, insulation, tool hire, and kitchen and bathroom fittings. Through a series of acquisitions, including Wickes, Toolstation, and Benchmarx, Travis Perkins broadened its reach and enhanced its customer offerings.

TP Direct

TP Direct is Travis Perkins’ online platform, providing customers with a convenient and efficient way to browse products, place orders, and manage their accounts. With TP Direct, customers can access a vast catalog of building materials, tools, and equipment, ensuring easy procurement and seamless transactions. The platform also offers real-time stock availability, pricing information, and order tracking, empowering customers with transparency and control over their purchases.

Hire Services

Travis Perkins understands the importance of having the right tools and equipment for construction projects. Through its Hire services, the company offers a comprehensive range of tools, machinery, and specialist equipment for hire. Whether it’s power tools, scaffolding, or construction vehicles, Travis Perkins ensures that customers have access to high-quality and reliable equipment to support their projects. The Hire services include flexible rental options, expert advice, and convenient delivery and collection services.

Timber Services

As a heritage timber merchant, Travis Perkins has a rich legacy in providing quality timber products. The Timber Services offered by the company encompass an extensive range of timber products, including sawn timber, sheet materials, fencing, decking, and flooring. Travis Perkins ensures that its timber is responsibly sourced, meeting stringent environmental standards. With a deep understanding of timber and its applications, Travis Perkins provides customers with expert advice on timber selection, treatment, and installation.

Estimating Service

Accurate cost estimation is crucial in the construction industry. Travis Perkins offers an Estimating Service that helps customers plan and budget their projects effectively. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, Travis Perkins’ team of estimators provides detailed material quantity calculations, cost breakdowns, and product recommendations. This service saves customers time and effort by streamlining the estimation process, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes.

Brick Calculator

Selecting the right quantity of bricks for a construction project can be challenging. To simplify this process, Travis Perkins provides a Brick Calculator tool on its website. By inputting project specifications such as dimensions, mortar joints, and brick type, customers can obtain an accurate estimation of the number of bricks required. This user-friendly tool helps customers avoid over or under-ordering bricks, leading to efficient project planning and cost savings.

Responsible Sourcing

Travis Perkins recognizes the importance of responsible sourcing in the construction industry. The company is committed to ensuring that its products are procured from sustainable and ethical sources. Travis Perkins collaborates with suppliers who share its values, conducting rigorous assessments and audits to ensure compliance with environmental and social standards. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, Travis Perkins offers customers peace of mind, knowing that their building materials are environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

Benchmarx Consumer Finance

Understanding the financial considerations involved in construction projects, Travis Perkins provides a consumer finance solution through its subsidiary, Benchmarx. This service offers flexible financing options, allowing customers to manage their expenses conveniently. Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel, Benchmarx Consumer Finance helps customers access the necessary funds while ensuring affordability and convenience.

Sustainable Products & Services

Travis Perkins is committed to promoting sustainability in the construction industry. The company offers a wide range of sustainable products and services, including energy-efficient insulation, eco-friendly building materials, and renewable energy solutions. Travis Perkins’ sustainability initiatives encompass reducing carbon emissions, promoting recycling and waste management, and encouraging the adoption of sustainable construction practices. By offering sustainable products and services, Travis Perkins empowers customers to build in an environmentally responsible manner.

Travis Perkins’ diverse range of services caters to the diverse needs of customers in the construction industry. From online procurement platforms to specialized services like estimating, hiring, and timber expertise, Travis Perkins ensures that customers have access to the resources, support, and knowledge required for successful projects. With a strong focus on sustainability, responsible sourcing, and customer-centricity, Travis Perkins continues to set new benchmarks in service excellence, contributing to the growth and advancement of the construction sector.

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