FINN and E.ON Drive Unveil Electric Car Subscription Service

FINN, a leading auto subscription provider, has partnered with E.ON Drive to introduce an all-in-one charging solution for electric car subscribers. This collaboration aims to make the transition to electric mobility even more accessible and convenient. By choosing an electric vehicle from FINN, customers can now benefit from a special offer of the E.ON Drive PowerBox wallbox for just one euro. Additionally, they can enjoy the E.ON Drive Easy charging tariff, which offers the convenience of charging on the go at over 190,000 charging points across eight European countries, with no basic fee and a generous starting credit of 100 euros.

E.ON Drive understands the diverse charging needs of electric car drivers and provides a comprehensive solution that covers both home and on-the-go charging. For customers with dedicated parking spaces, the E.ON Drive PowerBox, with a power capacity of 11 kW, can be easily installed at home, making daily charging hassle-free. Through this partnership, FINN customers can obtain the E.ON Drive PowerBox at a heavily discounted rate of just one euro. Professional installation services for the wallbox can also be arranged separately, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

Christoph Ebert, the Managing Director of E.ON Drive, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting how FINN provides the cars while E.ON Drive delivers the essential charging infrastructure. Together, they aim to inspire more individuals to embrace electric driving by offering a user-friendly and efficient solution.

Max-Josef Meier, CEO of FINN, emphasized the benefits of their auto subscription model, which already simplifies entry into electromobility with its short terms and transparent costs. Now, with the partnership with E.ON Drive, they are taking it a step further by streamlining the charging process. With access to their own home wallbox and a vast network of over 190,000 charging points, transitioning to an electric car becomes even more convenient. Meier is confident that this joint effort will contribute significantly to sustainable mobility.

The E.ON Drive Easy charging tariff offers convenient on-the-go charging without a basic fee. Electric car drivers can utilize over 190,000 charging points located across eight European countries. Whether charging at standard charging stations in cities or fast charging stations with high power capacity, users can easily control the charging process and securely handle payments through the user-friendly E.ON Drive app. As part of the collaboration, FINN subscribers will benefit from the E.ON Drive Easy charging tariff without a basic fee, paying only for their individual charging costs.

To access the exclusive discounts for E.ON Drive offers, customers can obtain personalized discount codes on the FINN website when subscribing to an electric car.

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