MORE & MORE Launches MORE & MORE green™ for Sustainability

Responding to the growing demand for environmentally friendly fashion, MORE & MORE has unveiled its latest initiative: MORE & MORE green™, an eco-conscious capsule collection. The brand aims to address the importance of protecting the environment and conserving Earth’s resources by offering a range of garments that meet the highest ecological standards.

The MORE & MORE green™ collection features items made from fabrics crafted with renewable and biodegradable materials, including wood. By utilizing a particularly environmentally friendly production process, the brand ensures that sustainability remains at the forefront. This step towards a greener future signifies a significant commitment from MORE & MORE.

One of the core materials used in the MORE & MORE green™ collection is TENCEL™ Lyocell, a fiber derived from wood pulp. This innovative production process operates within a closed-loop system, minimizing water and chemical usage and resulting in biodegradable garments. Furthermore, the manufacturing of MORE & MORE green™ garments integrates leftover fabric scraps from cotton clothing, preventing wastage and promoting a circular economy.

EcoVero™ Viscose is another prominent material in the collection, recognized for its low water consumption and minimal environmental impact. Manufactured from sustainably sourced wood and pulp, EcoVero™ fibers are EU Ecolabel certified, guaranteeing their commitment to reducing emissions and water usage.

MORE & MORE also prioritizes organic cotton, which adheres to the guidelines of organic farming and is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. This sustainable choice minimizes the use of chemicals and contributes to a more responsible and environmentally friendly production process.

In addition to these eco-friendly materials, MORE & MORE incorporates recycled polyester and recycled cotton in its collection. By utilizing these materials, the brand helps reduce plastic waste and saves significant amounts of water and energy.

Beyond its eco-conscious clothing offerings, MORE & MORE is committed to sustainable packaging practices. The brand aims to reduce the use of plastic components and packaging, opting for recyclable polybags made from plant fibers that are both plastic-free and compostable. Furthermore, cardboard boxes used for transportation and storage are sourced from factories, aligning with international standards such as PEFC and FSC to ensure responsible and sustainable sourcing of materials.

By embracing sustainability in both its collection and packaging, MORE & MORE sets a positive example for the fashion industry. With MORE & MORE green™, the brand encourages consumers to make conscious choices and join the movement towards a more environmentally friendly and responsible future.

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